Wow! How things have changed

Hi folks. I’ve not visited here for many years and it looks like most members I used to know have gone. I think it was 2010 the last time I visited, but I could be wrong. At one point I was a Mentor but due to the job I’m in I was not able to continue the role and so had to bow out.

Just wondering if any of the folks I knew are still here.


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Hi there

Welcome back. Looks like you were around quite a bit in 2014, and you returned briefly in 2019 I’m back…sort of

I’m still here…:shifty:

There are still some other long term members lurking about. Paul O’B is the most prevalent - he’s still a css machine…


The rest of us just sort of putter about coughing dust. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It seems to be a trend that many forums are losing members where people are switching over to using “question and answer” type sites.

I was here around 2010 but I do not remember you unfortunately. Welcome back though!

For me it’s more the looking videos before reading text mentality of the youth which will kill most of the forums in near future

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iirc Hawk was the resident admin at the time. Don’t remember who the admin was before Hawk

Hi Gandalf and thank you. Yeah, I did pop in a few times but could not remember when.

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Hawk was the team leader then back in the early 2000’s and a good one too.

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Hello Dave. Yeah, I remember Paul O’B and his CSS Machine book. Nice to see your still here.


Your name seems to ring a bell but never got to chat sadly.

A shame really. Back then we had a great community going but that’s life.


Joined in 2008, I think I may have been rlm2008 or rpg2008 back then. I can’t remember you, or anything for that matter. :biggrin:

Welcome back though :slight_smile:

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I have the regrettable habit of remembering people by their avatars and yours is . . . unique! :wink: Where were ya hangin out?

I miss ronpat (extremely attractive black cat for an avatar) so I can relate. Welcome back! Well, off to Blackrock to try one last time to understand the xlnt instructions given by (who else) Paul, whose patience I strain. Take a pew brother.


No one reads! And everything is right! now! I have a little ant invasion and I went to Amazon to order some ant bait. You have to have patience with ants and give it a day or two for them to carry the bait back to the queen. But the littany of complaining about Well I put the bait stations down and sat back to watch . . . Get yourself a can of Raid and I’ll tell you where to spray it heh heh. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m mostly on my Discord channel and FB. All my work colleagues are on FB and the Discord channel is my family, also my website.

Yes I remember you:) I don’t think our paths crossed much as I believe you were mostly in the PHP forum and I never ventured out of CSS. I’m still stuck there as I can’t find my way out :slight_smile: