Wordpress theme development and content

I have two examples below that I would like some help on from people who develop wordpress themes. I am unsure how to implement things like these into a wordpress theme so it is EASILY editable by someone who doesn’t know code.

the first is http://www.stwsonline.com/computer-service/

How does someone put info into the packages area since you need three different divs and styles them or the ordered list through onsite and remote. To note, these three areas are on the same page, two are hidden, and it uses jquery to show based on the href.

The second is http://vlctutoring.com/classroom/ (the online education paragraph and below the three sections in the same content area) or http://vlctutoring.com/get-started/ (putting in the text area the accordion widget with different info) or http://vlctutoring.com/home/ (the four areas convenience, engaging, individualism etc.)

Is this various plugins with different widgets/shortcodes or a text widget with code and training someone to know just to change the text?

I have made a few themes but have problems when there is something like different floated divs needed within content and such. I know I could explode() the the_content() but I assume there is something I am missing, whether it is theme development aspects or something with manipulating the_content().

If anyone could help me out, point me in the right direction, or show me a few theme examples that make wordpress work this way (not as a blog format) and how they work with different areas of content, that would be great.

Thank you,
Kamron Malik

Hi kmalik,

I’m a reasonably heavy wordpress user these days and I’m also not a code junkie. There are two options if you don’t want to be delving into the code yourself (Wordpress makes this easy):

  1. Use a premium theme that someone has pre-coded and worked out all the kinks in. Yes they cost $50 or something but they save a HUGE amount of time and usually come loaded with lots of functions that would cost you to buy separately.
  2. Buy a series of plugins or source well-used free ones to add the functions you want to use.

I’ve done both and have a good library of plugins I regularly use for Wordpress projects. They haven’t cost a lot to acquire but add the ability to style things very quickly and most allow your own customisations to be made easily too.

For you I’d recommend Styles with Shortcodes from Code Canyon. It is a paid plugin but it is both extensible, well supported and pretty bulletproof. It has a visual interface for setting up the things you insert and once you get used to them you can write them yourself. There are other shortcode plugins but this has been the best in my experience. I’ve used two other main ones but had some minor conflicts with each and the support has been lacking, not so with these guys.

Basically you use them in the content area of your page, they are pre-programmed areas or pieces of code that you can use to layout and add components to your page. There are columns, buttons, boxes, google maps etc.

Some of the premium themes from Themeforest are worth their weight in gold too. I’ve used this one recently which impressed me with it’s prebuilt layout engine. Although it is pricey, it contains a large number of premium sliders built in including a responsive one. I’d recommend if you go for any bought theme or plugins that you make sure there are good sales and read comments about the support offered. Stay away from anything low ranked or that you doubt the support of. Elite authors are worth buying from too.

There are free versions of many of the plugins, lots of good ones and you don’t have to spend money to get these sort of features. They aren’t always well documented though.

Good luck.

Some more tips for plugins and themes.

View creation/publish date.
View how many versions since publish (some authors are very generous and add extra functions for free).
View last update date.
View star rating.
View author status and how many products they have.
Looks at recent sales/download figures.
Look at comments for feedback, errors, attitude of author in answering.

Well I don’t mind using code and I actually would prefer to use code. I guess I am just having Troy me understand ding the examples because some of them are styled in a way that divs would need to be used within the core t or I am unsure the standard in regards to how to go a out some of the examples.

They don’t link to a post or page or they need extra docs as things within the content are floated and I am just looking for the way to code this “correctly”. I say correctly as people are usi g Wordpress as a non blog cms and all. I deck Italy appreciate your example theme suggestions I will have totals a look at them and maybe try a few or root through their code if they are free or a good price. Tha k you again and if anyone knows the standard to code some of my examples correctly that would be great!

I do understand each one could be a page or post and manually added for certain areas. It that would create many many pages would it not? Or is that is how it is done when using Wordpress for a non. Log format?

Hello slackr, I have read your post and it has been very helpful (now that i am more awake and maybe making more sense from my above posts.). I will have to check out styles by shortcodes… through your explanation as well, i think i understand what shortcodes can be implemented for and so you may have answered my code question… although if someoen can point me in the right direction where i can study code for these and such that would be great. Or from a coding perspective explain it better as well.

Thank you

This is a really helpful post for someone like me who’s struggling to understand the best way forward with creating a new site. Thanks.