I need theme or plugin like this

I need theme or plugin which can make me achieve layout like attached pics in wordpress https://photos.app.goo.gl/tRFBMbr2jVRkXpuD6

That looks like a screenshot of a theme. Is there a reason you can’t use that one?

In View Source commonly WordPress theme authors put the theme name / uri in as a html comment, so opend the source and you may be able to find which theme is used here. Then like @TechnoBear said your best bet is to use / modify that theme.

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Its design I think, I tried image search but no use

It’s design

It doesn’t look to be a very complex design, so it shouldn’t be hard to create it yourself.

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Or you could try a Google search for “wordpress themes for real estate agents”.

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Tried already but no option

Can you suggest me how to do

I’m not sure how I can “suggest” a way to create a layout.

That looks like a pretty simple layout, with a nav bar, a slide show, and content in two columns. I don’t see anything difficult about it. If you run into problems creating it, then you can always post here and ask for help.

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The theme repository at wordpress.org has many different free themes to choose from. Have you looked in there? Also check out the plugin repository at wordpress.org for slideshow plugin that looks like the screenshot.


I mean is dere any tools or website that makes me build html ,css website without any need of major coding language

Tried before I posted this

There are “site builder” sites, but I don’t know how much control you get over the design. I’ve never used one, and I doubt if many people here have, either, as the primary audience here is web development professionals, and those sites are aimed at amateurs. I’m not aware of any site which allows you to create WordPress themes in this way.

If you don’t have the basic skills to do this yourself, it seems to me you have three choices.

  1. Take time to learn those skills.
  2. Pay somebody to create the theme for you.
  3. Compromise on the design, and pick a theme which is close to what you want. You’re very unlikely ever to find an exact match “off the shelf”.

I bought elementor pro https://elementor.com/pro/ to make WP websites to my clients, it makes all really simpler and helps me a lot to make nice graphics and add pics and videos.

I would caution against paying for goods or services from a site with no contact information, nothing to state which country they are based in, and which jurisdiction they are covered by. What happens if you run into problems?

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