Site Theme Breaks After Migration

Just as the subject says. I’ve migrated a site/database from one host to another. After migration and changing all references of the old site to the new url in the database, the content is there, but none of the Widgets, Slider, etc. It’s like a naked site. Plus, if I look in code view of the home page, there are no references to links, favicon, etc. What happened?

This is how the site looks now. This is how the site is supposed to look.

I’ve tried using the default themes, and they, too, do not display. It’s just looks naked/broken.

Any ideas?

Go into the wp_options table in your database and check to make sure the value for ‘stylesheet’ is correct. It should be the name of your theme folder because it gives the location of your main WordPress stylesheet.

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Come to find out, the target host wasn’t liking the site. So I’ve decided to move the site elsewhere and the restoration worked great without a problem. Too bad.

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