Wordpress Question

i want to use Wordpress for a Video Streaming site, where each post will be one video. All posts will have exactly the same format. So lets say the flash file is located at: www.someserver123.com/video3.flv

Of course i will need an embed code for this. So my question is if there is some way that i can have the embed code for the video automatically wrap around it. Maybe using custom fields?

So basically that just put the link in the post and the video will show…
Sorry, this is kind of hard to explain, but maybe you get what im sayin’.

Any ideas:)

There’s a nice YouTube plugin for this kind of thing. I know you mentioned a flash file, but just in case you’re interested:Smart YouTube

Thanks for the link:) Looks nice, might actually use that for another blog. Yet, for this one they are hosted .flv files.

Does this mean you have a custom built FLV player? You might need Flash vars to tell it what file to play dynamically and you can create a plugin with custom field like video url for that Flash Var.

I’m using the embed code from the hoster. This is the code:

<embed src="www.someserver123.com/video3.flv" width="470" height="320" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always"