Inserting Video into Wordpress posts/pages

Hi I am looking for an easy way to insert video into my wordpress pages and posts. I tried to use the video upload button which appears by default and uploaded a .mov and .flv file, however it just gives a link in the post towards the video.

I want the full thing to appear in the post itself, similar to when you use a plugin to include a youtube video in the post. If possible the plugin should have a button that enables the user to select the file from his computer then upload it and have it appear in the blog post, without having to use any code or shortcodes. thanks

The choices are manifold. If you do a search for “youtube” in WordPress’ plugin archive, you’ll get plenty results. :slight_smile:

Here’s one

Single video embedding

yes but i need an easy way to insert uploaded videos self-hosted, not from youtube or other hosting site

Can be used for self-hosted videos.

Wordpress beta version has this feature and a lot improved. I suggest you download the latest. :slight_smile: