How do you add video from your HD to a post (not youtube)

Ok, this is baffling me.

How do you add a video from your hard drive to a post on your WP blog and have it ready to play?

I clicked the “add video” icon and uploaded using the “browser uploader”. It just added a click-able link.

So, how do I get to where the actual video is in the post and you can play it without having to click any link first?

Do I need a plug-in or something? Seems so easy but it’s giving me a headache! :injured:

Any help would be appreciated!


If you want everyone to be able to play it, then you need to convert it to a format Flash can play (FLV/H.264) and learn how to use a Flash video player component. Or just upload it to a video host like YouTube which does that for you.

Technically you can add a video to the page with <embed>/<object> tags, but whether it will actually play will depend on what video players, codecs and plugins each individual viewer has installed. No matter what format you choose, some people won’t be able to play it in the browser.

Thanks Dan, I will try to convert it to flv and see if that will work.

Don’t want these vids on Youtube as they are meant for a ‘subscription only’ part of a blog I am working on.



My WP is telling me that “FLV does not meet security guidelines” or something like that… c’mon!

Try something like FLV Embed, a plugin that comes with [url=]JW Player.

The FLV file alone doesn’t do anything, it’s just data for a Flash (SWF) object to use.