Wordpress plugin for vacation rental bookings

Got a client who rents out ski vacation homes. She needs to show a calendar for each property as to when they are booked. Other ideal features include showing the pricing points as it will vary depending on the season. I’m not sure if that can be built into the plugin or I will need a separate plugin for that as well.


How are they keeping track of what’s booked right now?

well they are using vrbo.com to advertise their site properties. but we just built a new site on wordpress so ideally a WP plugin is nice

I will be releasing a wordpress plugin in 2-3 weeks that will be doing what you require, but your customer would have to subscribe to the innfirst.com vacation rental management software. It will be pretty sweet though. :slight_smile:

i actually found this plugin http://onlinebookingcalendar.net/ . Pretty damn nifty and does everything I want. Just FYI for others

It’s worth the price

Is there any available plugin for free? Thanks.