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as im learning wordpress custom development, and im able to create custom wordpress theme from scratch, im trying to create booking calendar where customer can book date appointment in the calendar, if date is booked then booked date will be not available for others… i having hard time to work with calendar, how we can implement calendar system as shown in picture below… after customer booked the date, it will be redirect to service and pricing page after that payment page

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One way is to put JS events on the calendar that passes the cell and the description or other meta data the user enters. The event captures and then passes the data via Ajax to the backend where you can write the data to the db - maybe a custom booking table. Once the db write is successful you respond to the Ajax request with success status where your JS frontend set the Color or other ui attributes of your calendar.

This is a good learning opportunity; however you should consider one of the many WP calendar plugins that you could study their code, learn from it and move it along faster.

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