Wordpress lessons for newbie client

Hello all -

I don’t do all that much wordpress work, but from time to time I have a client who will benefit from a cms that is simple and works well.

I want to provide these clients with the easiest way to learn the system - something user friendly that deals with basic user tasks rather than any kind of customization/templating, etc.

I know that with Joomla there are tons of materials, and some really good free ones. Can anyone recommend something for Joomla?

An online video/visual type lesson would be great, but most of these clients aren’t native english speakers so written might be good , too. And for that matter, are there materials for native Thai speakers? :slight_smile:

Any advice much appreciated, thanks!

Anyone have any input on this?? :slight_smile:

I had a client who had never used wordpress before, so I ended up writing my own set of step-by-step instructions for them, complete with screenshots. You might have to end up doing something similar.

There’s gotta be someone who could sell me such materials :slight_smile:
There are a few such services I’ve found but they were either poor quality or needed to be updated.


If you do a writeup yourself, and either add it as the documentation component of the project, or just add it to your billable time.

If it helps for future references - I actually send my clients who want wordpress training to an online live training class - the website and company I use has a affiliate program and I make up-to $150.00 for getting someone signed up to take a class. And the client’s are extremely happy with the Wordpress training they receive.

The company is called Aperio Training & Education - they do SEO classes as well. But they’re primarily know for their Wordpress Training

Check out their wordpress training here


I know this is an old thread but I wanted to mention that I use WordPress Manual Plugin - Video Tutorials For Your Clients

It is a very simple process to add video tutorials & a text manual to your Wordpress backend. You can also customize the Manual image and choose which videos to allow your clients to see.

That way they have all the training they need right in their backend. These videos also update with every new update of Wordpress.

Anyway, hope that helps.