WordPress design & end user tuition

If you’re designing a WordPress site for a client, who hasn’t used it before, how much tutoring would you be required to give, so that they can add content etc without your assistance (unless they are paying for content management also of course). Ideal world would be to hand the client the reins, but not sure how much I should be ‘training’ the client.

Ideas are create some ‘how-to’ documentation and point them to the WordPress site for any more queries. Could the client be expecting more? Or would it be on a per-client basis what level of tuition they should get for their money?

Interested in what others have done in the past - this’ll be my first WP project and I want to make a good impression.

If I was to offer the site design + hosting as a package solution as opposed to bespoke per client, would a client face-to-face still be feasible? Guess it depends on volume.

Agreed, good point :smiley: - Too much information can sometimes be not helpful. Will have to make sure any documentation covers all aspects, as best as possible, for basic functionality (add, edit, remove content). Guess this ties into the next bit, about support (see next point). Other option could be a FAQ forum, but would need user interaction to be useful. Good idea?

How to cost this into the package/task? Over a period of months could involve them contacting me everyday of those three months. Possible solution to have a MAC system, with a number of free support ‘tickets’ and then charge for additional? Or just charge for every support request - possibly through an online form?

You really need to discuss this with your client to see what they actually need/want. As they haven’t used it before you’ll probably need to arrange at least one face to face/hands on session to cover the basics.

Writing some documentation is a good idea, but pointing them to the Wordpress docs can be risky because they are quite technical and not always good for the average user.

Also you need to be prepared to support them, 3,6 12 months down the line because all clients inevitably get stuck! Think about how you’re going to offer extended support, free, chargeable?