Wordpress Gallery Plugin that will allow video & images in the same gallery

Hi there

I am using the WooThemes Canvas framework to build a site and their gallery/portfolio functionality isn’t able to do what I want.

I need multiple galleries that can include both video and images in the same gallery - that also have a lightbox that allows scrolling through all the images in each gallery.

I am looking for a plugin that will allow me to do this - that is responsive, and will be easy enough for me to style if necessary to match my site.

I would really appreciate any recommendations!!


You can try NextGen Gallery. If I am not wrong it has a plugin that supports video too so you could have video + images in one.

Secondly there are a couple of paid plugins too which do video + image gallery in one. So that is the other option

You can also try this one :

Keep in mind that this one has not been updated in quite a long time.