Best wordpress gallery plugin for portfolio?


ive built a new wordpress theme for my college course blog which can be seen at , one thing i wish to add is a portfolio, the page is already created but id like to add a gallery where people can view my work to date… can anyone recommend the best plugin? ive tried quite a few but most of them totally suck or dont work at all

the best ones i know and that really easy to use and to setup are Nivo Slider and TN3 Lite, gave them a try even though im pretty sure you will like the Nivo Slider

yeah i really do like nivo slider but that isnt really what im looking for… im looking for a gallery plugin, where i can have a page of thumbnail images that open up to either the hosted portfolio site or else a selection of images of screenshots of the design

so you can use NextGEN Gallery with a little tweak that do the task…

Hi, try this…you’ll love it :

Wordpress Portfolio Plugin (Easy Media Gallery)