Photo and Video Gallery requirement for 2year baby wordpress site

I am creating a new wordpress site, it will be a portfolio for a 2 year little baby. I need help with best video and photo gallery plugin (free or commercial)

Photo Gallery:

Unlimited category/sub-categories/albums
The plugin/module should easily integrate with wordpress module
Adjust thumbnails of photos. Photos can be uploaded with or without thumbnails, in case they are not we require automatic generation of thumbnails
Give title, description,tags to uploaded photos
Image Slideshow with easy navigation
End-users/visitors/guest can leave comments on uploaded photos
Copy or move images between galleries/categories/albums
Full screen option/nice overlay
Pagination in galleries/albums/photos
Photo ratings if possible
Watermark function if possible
Image/folder/album sorting if possible
Sidebar Widgets for Random Image/Slide Show/Folder List
Comments Moderation if possible
Multiple transitions/effects if possible

Video Gallery :

Uploading vidoes in Unlimited category/sub-categories
Easy integration with wordpress module
Videos can be uploaded with or without thumbnails, in case no thumbnail is provided it must automatically generate a thumbnail from video
Embedding videos form video sharing sites like Youtube, etc.
Support multiple video format
Adjust video player size / thumbnail size
Copy or move images between galleries
Title, Desription to the videos
End-users/visitors of site can leave comments on this uploaded vidoes
Ratings if possible

If you want to see an sample of my requirement then you can visit… This site has very nice features for image management.

  • To forums mods: Please remove the link if it is against your site policy. I just want to provide the link to give an sample of requiremnet.

Sound like a great idea, Do add some flash animations with on your wordpress blog as well in order to make it appear more attractive to the viewer, who is viewing your website.

You may want to check out GRAND FlAGallery:

It’s good for videos, images, audio etc and helps maintain the galleries easily.

Hi there,
Just a suggestion, I know you requested a plugin, but try this free WordPress theme called Portafolio, its sleek. I’m going to use it for my photography site. Cheers