WordPress for Asp dot net


We have a large website prgrammed entirely in dot net. We have static and dynamic pages in the site based entirely in asp / dont net environment. Now we want to start a new section in our website, my question is can we use wordpress for our new section ?? (it will be a new directory)

Is word press supports dot net based web server, if yes then is it free or how much it will cost to us.

Thanks in advance for your replies and help. :rolleyes:

It all comes down to what version of IIS you are running. WordPress runs on PHP. IIS 7 allows you to install PHP. Taking a look at PHP on IIS7 : The Official Microsoft IIS Site shows that there is a WP IIS installer.

If you don’t run IIS7, you will need either another platform or to upgrade to 7. SitePoint used to have a PHP on IIS7 sub forum, but I see that it was removed sometime during the time I took a break from SP.

The threads that were in that forum have been moved to the PHP forum.

Does it have to be on the same server? An easy way to handle this would be to redirect that directory to another server or host just running WP in and AMP environment.