ASP.NET blog like WP?


I was wondering if anyone can help me find a blog, i would much prefer using wordpress as it is easier, but it does not support ASP.NET

So i need to find something that supports, is easy to set up and very much like wordpress.

I wan’t to incorporate it on this page:-

This question has come up before. Not to long ago. Search the forums for it. And I will ask you the same question i asked there. Y does it have to be Are you going to be building custom modules for it?

In the other thread there where a lot of different options. Such as DotNetNuke, etc

None of the .NET blogs are even close to Wordpress.

I know i did ask this before but as the thread was more than a month old i was advised to post another thread. I will look into dotnetduke and keep you updated…

Also, it doesn’t have to be, but the client is insisting that he wants .net, i have some persuading to do :slight_smile:

LOL. Gotta love clients. Usually have no clue, just want what they hear. Well, u can try and persuade them, but at the end of the day, if they want a lesser website coz they refuse the best option, then so be it


I wanted to test something, i made an index.php file and uploaded it, i did a simple echo printing out the date, see this link:-

As you can see this works fine. however i tried creating a folder called test and put the index.php file inside this. Now in php this would remove the need to type in index.php, i would simply need to write and it will work.

So i tried this with my .Net website but it didnt work, see this link:-

Why does it do this? The reason i am asking is that i was thinking of uploading a wordpress blog on a server that supports Would this work?

index.php is on the default documents list in IIS and index.aspx is not…? My guess…

well how can i fix this?

Is what i am trying to do even achievable?

I really need to get a blog on this site and the quickest way is if i incorporate WP…

If not, are there any other tutorials, or opensource applications i could look into?

Either you need to go into IIS and add the default documents. Or make it default.aspx which should be there by default

I think you guys have read it wrong.

Billy_111, you need to add index.php to your default documents list, it should be an option available to you in your Control Panel at DiscountAsp


I have uploaded a wordpress blog to my website. Now my whole website programmed in c#. And i have added a folder called “blog” which is wordpress all programmed in php.

The service providers are DiscountASP.NET

Now when i try to visit the blog link i get a list of directories, see below:-

Why does it do this?

It should load index.php file, also once i get this working, which database would i use?

Normally i use PHPmyAdmin but i cant use this here. As a backend for this website i have been using Sql Server 2008, can i simply use this?

Hope someone can get back to me :slight_smile:


I have managed to set the index.php file to the default documents list, in my control panel of discountasp…

Now normally i use phpMyAdmin to administer the wordpress backend. But i cant use that here, as the service provider only allows me to create SQL Server databases.

Now i tried doing this, and changed the wp-config.php file connection details, but still get an “Error establishing a database connection” message when accessing this page:-

Is there something that i am missing out?

Hope someone can help.

Well, that depends on you word press. I do not have much experience with it, but as far as I know you have to use a mySql database, but I might be wrong.

But just changing the connection string is not going to make it work as wp uses mysql connections all over. So that will all need to change if you want to connect to mssql. Not sure how easy that would be. Best bet would be to try and get a mysql db tho.


You were right, i do need a mysql database. I have been advised to use a remote mysql database, and DiscountaASP will accept connections from their server, they discontinued mysql in 2008 :frowning:

Anyway, how would i go about doing this? I thought MySQL was opensource?

Would i need to purchase a mysql database from a company who host it?

Yes. it is open source. But you need to pay for the hosting of the database and then connect to that database. It is very strange to discontinue MySql, but oh well. Just make sure you get a host that allows remote connections from other servers.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just get a cheap linux hosting package and host the Wordpress blog on that?

Put it on a subdomain,

That is a better idea. Rather host the entire blog on a linux box.