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Hi fellas,
I would like to get and advice, here is my story:
I made a Wordpress site for a client, for many years it’s been under my management and control but now the client wants me to release the control to them in terms of edition, so they want to change, create or delete anything they want when they want, I will keep charging for the hosting+domain service but not for changes or editions… but I don’t know what to charge for releasing the full access to the website.

I usually charge $220 a year for domain+hosting.

Thank you.

Hi gerardoggpy, welcome to the forums!

In my opinion, you could charge what it takes to set up the full access, which would be a very low cost I guess.

Additionally, I think you should offer a full backup of the site as it is when you release it, with an instruction how to back up and restore the site. That would be good for both parties and you could avoid being blamed for an eventual site disaster later on.

The backup and restore setup could be charged as a “release package” made in the interest of your customer. Also make clear that the release also mean you have no further responsibility for the maintenance of the site (if that is the case).

Just my two cents. :slight_smile:

The backup of the whole site could likewise be made as a replica to a DVD instead, leaving the customer to find and retrieve what posts or content that eventually got lost later on.

The DVD backup could be more convenient to you and both cheaper and safer for the costumer. :slight_smile:

To make-up for the lost business I would double or even triple the rate for the time it takes you to compile the assets and/or consult with the set-up on their new infrastructure. The client will be up the creek without the assets and will be backed into a corner unless they are willing to completely rebuild the site without you and the existing code, database, and any infrastructure requirements that may not be obvious. That pretty much means you can name your own price for the asset hand off and any consulting required. If the client demands access to your server deny access on a basic of other clients sites being hosted on that server and to provide access would be a security violation.

I don’t use WordPress and can’t offer any insight into fair pricing, but I would caution against doing anything to antagonise the client, given that you expect to have an on-going relationship with them in terms of hosting. I would want to remain on good terms, to leave the door open in case they decide updating the site themselves is more trouble than it’s worth, and want to return to the former arrangement.


I thought they were changing hosting to. I misread. How much work is involved in allowing them to edit the site themselves?

I’m no WP expert, but I think it’s just a case of giving them an admin account to access the WP back-end controls.
Maybe they will need some training in how to edit stuff depending on their experience/abilities.

Isn’t one of the main reasons for using Wordpress to allow clients to edit their own website?


Yes, but some prefer someone else to do it for them, if they don’t have the time, or are less technically able and lack the confidence to do it themselves.
So I would think you make your money doing it for them, not leaving it to them. It’s like having a service charge at a self service something.
Obviously you charge for the initial site set up.

I will continue charging for hosting+domain annually, and what I’m doing is to create a WP user for them that has access to edit this website, so I won’t charge them for any edition, additions or changes in the future.

It’s a matter of just set up a user account that is capable to edit in any form the website

Sounds like no more than an hours worth of work.

Why do you want to charge? Just give the logins and thats all :slight_smile:

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What I would do is that I give them everything since that’s what they want, just give them the website and the hosting. Let them take care of their stuff and in case they are lost they get back to you and you simply charge them for your hours. Since the client paid for the website its rightfully theirs, you can’t not give them what they paid for. Same goes with Hosting and domain.

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That isn’t necessarily true. The client may not have any rights to the physical code, database, or infrastructure

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Right. but I mean, wordpress can be his, and his hosting account too. I see some devs add extra price if the client wants to get the Source code or DB so he(the dev) can do that. just charge extra and just give the client everything

In some cases the code and database are completely worthless without the surrounding infrastructure.

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I’d charge for the install, monthly backup, reinstallation and the $500 amount for the WP add-ons including hosting…I’d start at $50/hour and $75/hour emergency and $100 for copywriting…And your base rate should be about 50% retainer and the subscription/add-on or about $750 at the getgo with $250 upon contract completion…use the resources in the Sitepoint “Web Design Business Kit”

Do you have a link to that, @igmuska1? I understood it is no longer available.

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Please note that the question is what to charge for releasing full access to a WordPress site to the client; it is not about what to charge for creating/maintaining a WP site.

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