Wordpress CSS not updating

Hi I trying to customize my Wordpress site by adding some of my own colors and layout using Appearance> Editor and at the bottom of my code adding my CSS. But my page just doesn’t seem to change at all even when I place !important at the end. What could be the problem? Why won’t it update?

Do you have a caching plugin installed and activated?

By the way, be very careful about changing the css this way. The next time a new version of your theme comes out and is updated on your site, all your changes will be overwritten and lost.

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Sure does, a child theme is always a good idea :slight_smile: Ctrl F5 or using incognito mode in Chrome may reveal the changes also…

thanks that worked. What does ctrl f5 do to it

Thanks for your reply. What if I just want to add something that the theme wont allow me to. Is there a better way I should do it? Instead of overwriting the css

Ctrl F5 forces the page to be downloaded again @05beckga your computer stores a copy of each page so it can load quicker when you visit that page again… because the page is stored, you sometimes will not see the changes you have made…

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Then you need to use a child theme, where you put all your changes. You should never touch the code of the main theme, or a plugin, or WordPress core.

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