CSS Updates Not Showing Online

I am updating a website in Wordpress and for some reason, changes I make to my stylesheet are not showing up online. Changes to PHP pages are there instantly. I have tried making those CSS changes via the Wordpress panel or directly via FTP - I see the updates to the style.css file, but the changes do not show up online.
It’s not a cache issue- I’ve cleared it, plus as I said, changes to a php file are there right away. I’ve also contacted a friend 3 states over, and she sees what I’m seeing - which is NOT what should be out there.
I’ve contacted the host, but since I’m ‘just’ the webdesigner and don’t have actual account ownership, just FTP access, they won’t talk to me and only tell me the servers are just fine.

I’m working on http://www.momshousecleaning.com/index.php - and according to my current uploaded stylesheet, the background should be green. I still see red, and so did the friend I had check. [update - I changed it to blue at 10:46 EDT but as of 10:57, I’m still seeing red.]

What could cause css changes to appear slower (I think it takes about an hour or so, which makes it impossible to get some work done)?

I’m seeing a green background

I still see red, but it should be blue now - I changed it to blue over 15 minutes ago. The color is just for testing - what could cause this delay with my updates showing?

Are you using a Caching service, such as CloudFlare? Any chance you are seeing the cached version? (shows as green for me too)

I don’t even know what a caching service is :smile:
The thing is that if I update a page or one of the php files, I see the change online instantly. And if I re-open my stylesheet from the server, I see that it was last saved at 10:46 and the background color is blue - and I actually only now see the blue online. I never did see the green (which was my test color between red and blue).

And - since I’m now seeing blue, I changed to teal at 11:12 EDT and am still seeing blue.

Are you sure you’re uploading it to that location? I still see green, and it looks like that’s what is supposed to be there…

I’m sure - I’ve been doing this for a while, and I’m not saying this to be bitchy, I just mean I do totally understand uploading and stuff and have done all kinds of double-checks before I even posted. User error is usually my first problem, but I have definitely excluded that.
So I just refreshed my FireFTP and confirm that the saved time of style.css is 11:12. When I check the server folders with Dreamweaver, I see the save time as 10:12 (somehow, my Dreamweaver is an hour off, but that’s not a problem). Then I open my style.css via Dreamweaver’s Remote Site, and I see :smile:/*
Theme Name: Mom’s House Cleaning Template
Theme URI: http://momshousecleaning.com/
Description: Customized Wordpress theme integrating Bootstrap designed specifically for Mom’s House Cleaning
Version: 2.0
Author: Andrea Barnett - a&b WebDesign
body {background-color: teal;}
but if I visit the file directly: http://www.momshousecleaning.com/wp-content/themes/momsDesign01/style.css -I still see body {background-color: blue;}

There really is a substantial delay (maybe around one hour) between me making changes and them showing up online.
To double-check (again) I also changed some content on a page and added "Testing Server Response - Adding this line via WP panel at 11:17 EDT. " I saved the change, went to my website and refreshed, and voila – I saw it IMMEDIATELY.

So based on my latest changes, everybody should see a teal background, as I made that update about 15 minutes ago.

What WordPress plugins do you have installed?


I don’t think it has anything to do with plugins. Even if I make changes to style.css via dreamweaver and then want to view my file online, I have the above issues.

Btw - this is the screenshot of the FTP showing that I really am working on the right file:

I still have no clue what the problem was, but I got through to JustHost tech support (for the second time today) and after stubbornly insisting that this was NOT a code issue on my end, they had me add

SetEnvIf Request_URI “^.*.css$” NO_CACHE
Header set Cache-Control no-cache env=NO_CACHE

to .htaccess (and wait about 20 minutes)

And now I see my changes to the stylesheet just as soon as I refresh my page.

So frustrating that I wasted 5 hours dealing with this issue instead of spending 2 (or 3) to make the changes that I needed to make.

Wish me luck and thanks to everybody who tried to help.

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