Wordpress Business Directory Plugin

Looking for decent Wordpress Business Directory Plugin, free or premium doesn’t matter, that works with the latest Wordpress, version 2.9.something.

Tried a bunch through WP’s plugin directory that didn’t work and found a premium one that was table based, so after a few hours search I am not sure where to look anymore…

What features are you looking for, exactly?

Something like WP-Directory-List http://themoneymakingwebsite.com/wp-directory-list/ that works with the latest version of WP.

I am OK with modifying the CSS but it would be nice if it looked somewhat decent out of the box.

WPDirectory PRO http://www.wpdirectorypro.com/ has more or less all the features I want but the layout of the index page appears to be table based:

I am looking for something more or less exactly like this but with valid css coding.

I think I’ve looked at every directory script and/or plugin for wordpress out there and the closest thing I’ve found that does just about everything I want is the classipress theme.

The current version doesn’t quite cut it for me because as a theme it takes over your wordpress install and you can’t maintain a blog or post articles along with the directory - but the hopefully soon to be released new version allows that and looks like it’ll do most of what I want.


Thank you Ravedesigns! So it is not just me then… I spent all day yesterday trying different plugins but nothing is really 100%.

Ravedesigns: did you also try WP Directory PRO (a premium plugin)? I don’t mind paying $39 for a plugin, I am just not sure it would be adequate so I have not bothered to pay just to try something.

I also discovered a theme called DirectoryPress but I have the same issues as you, I don’t want the entire site to be a directory.

If I can’t find anything I have been thinking loosely about creating a second wordpress installation in a subdirectory, ie domainname.com/directory/

Not a great solution but I can’t think of much else at the moment…?

Besides WordPress, what other business directory scripts are there??

I’ve looked at the two scripts that youve mentioned, but didn’t feel either was suited for what I wanted to do.

There are plenty of stand alone scripts like phpmydirectory or phpyellow that will let you setup a yellow pages like business directory site and I’m sure you could tie that in to a wordpress site.

I could do something close to what I want with just wordpress if I want to manage all the categories and the posts (business listings) in there myself, but I’d like to allow businesses the ability to create and edit their own listings so I think I’m going to wait just a bit to see what the new classipress has to offer.

Interesting reading you conversation as I have been looking for exactly the same. I currently use Business Directory plugin which is great, but currently doesn’t offer the premium service (in development).

However I can not wait anymore and was think of going for WP Directory PRO.

exodo, how do you think this will not be adequate?

I have emailed them to ask some questions but no answer yet - doesn’t give me warm feelings as their forum is also offline.

Jostdoproperty: I didn’t like that the index page (the page with all the categories, the one with the “folders”, was table based). Also, I can’t determine by their description, if
the social media links and page rank can be removed (not very “business like” in a business directory").

Of course everything, including the code that generates the tables as well as the other stuff, can be removed by modifying the php code, but I would really like to find something that doesn’t require heaps of modifications to start with.

However I looked at other scripts (non-WP scripts) and the index pages all seem to be table based too so I might just have to give up with that particular requirement.

It is leaning towards WP Directory PRO at the moment, in the absence of something better, but what you say about their forum and customer support is however a bit worrisome…

Thanks exodo. I guess the categories would be preferred in a Drop Down List rather than tabular??

From what I read I thought that you had to specifically chose the social media and page rank items via Free plugins they offer: http://www.wpdirectorypro.com/plugin.php.

It’s useful to know you are coming to the same conclusion as me. Lets hope the forum and support comes back soon.


FYI I have purchased the plugin irrespective of the lack of support etc.

I can confirm the social media buttons can easily be removed.

The Page rank items area bit more integral, but with simple html/php changes can be removed.

You can also amend the layout of the categories fairly easily - if you just want them in a column then very easy - there is a parameter to indicate just 1 column.

Or you can amend php/html as I have been doing. A bit of a ballache, but it does give me exactly what I want…once I get it working properly!

did you try directorypress.net ?

what did we all decide on, because i was just about to buy directorypress

i ended up buying DP. i haven’t used it yet though

I’ve stumbled on this forum this evening. I’ve been looking for a directory plugin too. I’ve installed/uninstalled quite a few in the past week. A few days ago I bought wpdirectory pro and have been extremely frustrated with it. I went through the install step by step and it’s now working correctly. I’ve emailed “support” five times so far and haven’t received any response whatsoever.

the guys at directorypress respond within five minutes, day or night

Thanks! Maybe I need to find a way to make that one work! It’s overkill for what I need, but I may not have the headaches with that one that I’m having with wpdirectory(notso)pro!

I personally have an auto approval directory that i made it with one single plugin called link-exchangewpfree: have a look here: Link Exchange WP Free

Does anyone have any links available for this? Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve now seen a few business directories built using Classipress from App themes and am seriously considering that or maybe Geo Places from Templatic. Of course I’ll probably have to buy one and get into it before I find out it’s got a weakness I hate, but right now, they’re both looking very good.