Does Wordpress Have A Directory Plugin?

Hello Guys,

I have a new webmaster and webdevelopment blog called SilentGun and I am thinking about adding a directory section to the site.

Does wordpress have a directory plugin that you can recommend or should I simply install a script such as phpld seperately ?

Thanks in advance for all your comments and suggestions.

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There are plenty of wordpress plugins available to do this ( wordpress Business Directory,Directorypress)

You can find the complete list of available plugins here

Keep in mind that phpLD is a script that has as many or more features that Wordpress does out of the box. When I think of “plugging in” something, generally it means I am adding something smaller to something bigger.

To give an example, Sitepoint did not “plugin” vBulletin to the rest of their site. They integrated it including logins, menus, etc.

If you really want to run a full fledged directory, I think you might want to consider running phpLD alongside Wordpress. It’s not a lot of work to get the two integrated together and we have done this many times.

Here is one example:
Palm Springs Swings: discover stylish sites, business and events in Palm Springs
(notice the blog and directory links in the menu)

Hi. I’ve recently bought Directory Press. It’s not a plugin, but a theme- but it may do what you want. It’s very powerful and you can even allow people to add their own listings for a fee.
It’s not free, but worth it in my view.

Directory Script for Wordpress - DirectoryPress

Try a forum search. I seem to recall a similar topic not too long ago, which might have some suggestions.