Woocommerce is it possible to build a classifieds site using this

Woocommerce is it possible to build a classifieds site using this and how advance could we go ?

Because I cant seam to find any good premade themes im looking at other options

If anyone know people let me know.

Of the themes you have tried:

What about them did they have that you specifically not like and why?

What did they not have that you want them to have?

They are all different but here are the basics,

most have not been thought out,

The ones sold on themeforest all just do the basic’s lacking features you would expect and all have backend issues not thought out, making minor changes would take ages, some are even the same just cloned of the others.

The good ones sold outside themeforest most are from 2010 both dated in design and feature,
so the design need to be redone but only so much can be done, stucture issues, no breadcrumbs, permalink issues
some even lack features like location system which you would expect , others have a lack of custom fields so you cant add extra options,

one theme i looked at had features on paper but the front end look like a blog and no way to check it without buying to see if it all works.
another one has no categories on the frontend, posting is also a issue members can select multiple categories
third had no location, home page search only has the search category not location
No major update in years, still has a dated look

Not much effort gets put in,

If I had a way to take combine the features maybe you could make one fully working theme but that’s not possible.

I can list out all the issues but that would take time and im assuming this gives you a idea

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