Which is the best classifieds theme or software?

Hi guys I hope someone can help me,

I’m update my old local classifieds site, the problem is i’ve tried 3 theme so far and hated the lot of them.

I have Classipress - stuck in the past nothing new in 3 years it will need a lot of work.

themeforest Classiads - a bit lacking,
the front end issues

  1. I if i add new locations or category’s it does not add it to the front page.
  2. The featured ads only work the member buys a package before posting.

Any advice would be useful,

any better themes, software or platform I could use.

It sounds like you would like a theme that fits your specifications right out of the box. Unfortunately, that is quite often not possible.

If you want to stick to WordPress, you have two other choices - either pick a theme that is close to what you want and build a child theme with the changes you want, or create a custom theme from scratch or from a starter theme.

However, if your coding skills are not that strong, there is a bit of a learning curve here or a cost to get an experienced developer to build it for you.

Thanks @WebMachine,

you and @oddz are always hear to help.

You are right, I would like a theme that fits, but as you have said its quite hard to find one, ive tried 3 theme so fat and they are all lacking,

If possible I would like to stick with WordPress, but I don’t mind moving to something else as long as I can get what I need from the site.

I’m just a beginner with with coding so I don’t think I could do it unless I had some instruction or help .

the cost to hire someone may be too high. in the future once I build up a bit of a market and have some money I would want a custom theme, for my reference any idea on what the cost would be ?

the biggest issue in wordpress is not built for locations seo which is one thing I would like in the theme.

I maybe better just getting a prebuilt theme, if someone could spare 10 mins to help me pick one I would be grateful.

Have you considered using a Classified Ads plugin for WordPress to insert into a basic theme instead of a Classified Ads Theme? Try searching in the plugins directory - I found one (Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin) that listed this - ’ Search ads by city, state, country, username, or keyword’ as one of its features.

It might be easier for us to search for an appropriate solution if you could list your main requirements.

Ok, the main requirement;s are

  1. location focus City Permalink
  2. I want the theme to be simple, I dont want to go into code or html to change the front end
  3. ads posting, with monetization, featured ads, ext
  4. Responsive layout, simple fpor the members, needs to look good
  5. Customizable ad field, types,
  6. Good seo setup
  7. search bar keyword > category > location > distance ( or similar )
  8. .Auto Expire Ads,
  9. sellers profile on site of ad, contact,
  10. front end submition

most of its simple its just getting it all working together, things like this is why I want to learn html, css & coding, but im still a long way from being able to make something like this

a few themes ive checked out
https://www.appthemes.com/themes/classipress/ ( I already own this theme)

http://themeforest.net/item/classiads-classified-ads-wordpress-theme/8625840?s_phrase=&s_rank=29 (looks good but has some issues)


http://demo.templatic.com/classifieds/theme-features/ (most advanced but most expensive a bit complicated)

Anyone ?

I would use one of those solutions and fill in the gaps with custom programming. Be it Wordpress or any other platform nothing is going to be exactly what you want. The best you will be able to do is find a solution that meets most of your needs and go form there.

Which of the above would you say is a good one to use ?

I don’t I know as I have never used any of those and try to stay far away from Wordpress development.

Do you mean in terms of the theme ?
try and go for something that has most of what I need ?

No, I mean I hate Wordpress. As a developer I pride myself on using modern programming practices and Wordpress is the exact opposite. That doesn’t necessarily mean Wordpress isn’t an adequate solution for your problem just my professional preference as a developer.

If I had the skill, I would do the same,

Whether it is WordPress or not, it would need to be some sort of content management system, so that @2012 can at least update it himself, and in my opinion, not a proprietary one (I haven’t had the greatest of experiences with people who come to me with their sites built with one of these).

There are various themes which are good for classifieds
Price Compare

How do they stack up against the wishlist of features that @2012 provided? Have you tried them? Why do you recommend these themes over other ones?


Gone with classipress because i already owned a copy.

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