Wocommerce Checkout Link suddenly leads to a "Page not found"


my website was working well a few days earlier and then suddenly there were no sales for two days. When i checked the ordering process, i found out that when a cutomer will click on add to, it did not led to check out page, rather it was directing to " No page found". During this time was also my Server updated to Php 7.3.

Has some body else also experienced this kind of problem ? Can you guys help me on this issue. I have temporarily been able to resolve the problem by deslecting the option to leading to cart page. So now customer has to select first if the want to stay on shop page or move to payment page. This way it works successfully.

I would be very thankful for any tips and information regarding the issue. Many thanks in Advance.

Have you checked your error logs?

Okay. This is an uncaught error on some specific pages some how…this is what i found now in log error file.

CRITICAL Uncaught Error: [ ] operator not supported for strings

There are six string of description to the files. None of them is related to Cart…and it says the above message. Anything could be said about it ? Or how can i extract more information about the error ?

Are you on the latest version of WooCommerce and WordPress?

What version of PHP were you on before the upgrade?

There’s a helpful explanation of what might cause the error here.

The Server was working on Php 7.2… but error log i see that the resulting error is before the time i upgraded server version. However, back then i changed my Theme, the old theme had a child theme too. When i changed to new theme, i changed directly to parent theme without creating a new child theme. So i am not sure if this could have resulted in some conflicts or rest files lying in database. May be some cleaning up of database could help ? Any experience ? With respect to coding, i did not make any direct changes.

I’m afraid I have no experience of Woo, and only a little with WP. The interaction between Woo, WP and themes gives me the willies!

Is it possible to revert to the old theme/child theme temporarily while you investigate further?

Very hard to imagine to back to old theme, as it will destroy all layout and work put in style again for the website. At best will like to solve the issue through the current theme.

Does the error message not tell you the page and line number where the error occurred?

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Does the website have the latest version of woocommerce? Any additional plugins for woocommerce? There are some instances that outdated plugins are the problem, or even some plugins are not compatible for that PHP Version.

yes, it does tell. i am investigating, it has to do somehow with breadcrumb navigation. Do not know if that has any link to the cart issue.

I have to use quite a different plugins, it could be a case but i do not see any warning or error message in that regard.

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