Woo Commerce Messed Up My Website. Please Help!

I installed woo commerce on my Wordpress website today and instantly I got a error message and now I’m completely locked out of my website because no matter how I try to get in I get this error message and I can’t fix it!! I tried logging into file villa to fix it and that didn’t work either because it’s telling me that my log in info is correct but I’m sure that it’s not. Now I’m completely stuck and locked out and my site is just one big error and I’m frustrated to the point of tears. I called some number that I found that said it was tech support for word press LOL they told me that woo commerce was not compatible and they could remove it and re install it where it works for $175 rolls eyes I really just need my website back up and I can figure something else out for my store but that plug in HAS TO GO!! ANYbody that can help me pleasssssse reach out@

Did you mean the FTP client Filezilla?

Before you try anything drastic you should make a backup of your database, your wp_config.php file, and your wp_content folder.

Yes sorry I meant file zilla my computer changed it but yes and I cannot back up because I literally can’t get in at all try going to my website xosummer.com

Have you tried contacting your hosting company to see if they can restore your site to an earlier backup for you?

Sorry to hear you run into some trouble right after installing WooCommerce. Have you had the chance to get a hold of any of their customer support people?

If you can get access to your files either through FTP (Filezilla) or your FileManager on your hosting account, disable the plugin by temporarily changing the folder name so that at least you can access your site and start troubleshooting.

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