With Versioning getting deprecated, is there an good alternative?

Just got the good-bye email from versioning and it’s really sad to me that I will not have a reason to open my personal email everyday again.

Can anyone recommend any other good newsletter alternative that are nicely curated with news, trendy articles and fun stuff for devs, designers & marketers?

So long, Versioning my old friend.


Wasn’t Versioning more or less a Reddit or HN clone?

I admittedly haven’t looked at it since it was launched, so things might have changed.

Sorta? It was good because it was nicely curated, most links were always interesting so I didn’t have to dig around those sites to find cool stuff.

It’s funny to me how such good project went on a hiatus.

That’s what HN and Reddit are though. The links are curated through crowdsourcing. If you’re looking at the right subs and top links, you’re probably not going to have to wade through the cruft.

Adam really was the special sauce. His curation and voice were hard to match and whenever they had someone else take over it just wasn’t the same. I’m active enough on Reddit and HN to know that they don’t really make suitable replacements despite much of the content probably existing somewhere on all three.

As far as suitable replacements, there are only two that I find juicy enough to spend time looking at. Neither of which have the humorous flavor that Versioning did but the content is always solid and interesting.

  1. https://wdrl.info/ - Web Development Reading List (Weekly digest)
  2. https://webtoolsweekly.com/ - Web Tools Weekly (Weekly digest)

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