What happened to Versioning?

Loved that newsletter, any know where it’s gone / when it’ll be back?

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@ophelie @Adam ?

Is this what your referring to?



No - it’s the Versioning NEWSLETTER which got emailed to us daily Mon-Fri, but we’ve received nothing since July 15th

and if you scroll down at https://www.sitepoint.com/versioning/email to see the archive, July 15th is the last archived newsletter.

It would be nice if there were at least a notice somewhere telling us the plans. I REALLY MISS Adams Versioning newsletter!


Come to think of it, I haven’t had one in my email for a while now. I’m curious as well.

Hey @keyboSlice,

Adam’s away for a little while, so Versioning is taking a short break. If we were in the Northern Hemisphere, we’d call it a summer vacation!

It will be back soon — I miss it too!


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