SitePoint Versioning

So we created a thing, and it was featured on Product Hunt!

Versioning is a new social sharing platform created by a group of passionate people in the SitePoint team. The story of both the newsletter and the site can be found at

We’re all pretty excited about the launch of Versioning and we love both feedback and seeing people using something that we’ve put our hearts and souls into over the past couple of months - appreciate any thoughts or feedback that you guys have and hope you like it.


It’s always nice to see a new concept.

But if I am honest I don’t get it. Perhaps I am missing something but it looks like a notice board where people post links? How is it different to the forums apart from being one big list of links?

Does it have any relation to version control?

Mind you, I didn’t get twitter either… :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s a social news site, so really built around the idea of link sharing interesting stuff - it sits alongside Versioning, which is a newsletter that we created about a year ago that focuses on finding really interesting stuff around the web and providing it to members on a daily basis.

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