Windows dedicated for several domains, do I need Plesk?

I need to buy a Windows dedicated server.

Up not now, I was using a regular hosting to host this site. As I’m planning to launch it with cctld (regional domains) for each country, I will need to host several sites (one for each country).

The question is, do I need Plesk panel? Will it help for configure domains? Or I can manage the accounts directly from IIS? (Not sure how to admin web space for each domain from IIS).

Many thanks

No reason to use plesk anywhere these days even if you have 2000 domains. IIS-wise, you would just make one virtual site for each country. If they are similar enough, you could probably script the creation without too much trouble.

No control panel is required to do hosting, it just makes life easier to have somethign where you can click a few buttons to create / manage all aspects of a domain and server simply. There are tools within the IIS to allow you to do this, while basic should be sufficient.

No control panel is required - it just makes your life a bit easier if you aren’t a skilled server administrator. Being a server administrator in the enterprise hosting world for the past 10+ years, myself, I hate control panels and prefer to manage systems without them myself. Control panels like Plesk like to ‘take over’ a system and do things the ‘plesk way.’ And when Plesk breaks, boy, you better run for cover! lol