I want to buy vps for 10 domains

Buy Domain for More than 10 websites
hi friends help me to buy domains I am new if you will help me it would be appreciated
my question is I want to launch more than ten websites so what should I have to do purchase a dedicated server or any shared hosting or vps please help me for buy and desired hosting where I can easily create my business website.

Are you sure you want a VPS or dedicated server?

You will still have to do quite a bit of server management even with a managed server. If you go with a hosted package you do not need to worry about any of the management unless you want to.

I have a hosted package where I can run up to five sites on the one package and am able to change my php version and install packages if I want using cpanel - thinking about it if you do go with a VPS make sure it has a control panel.

You might want to add a bit more detail about your website types and reasons for not wanting to use a hosting plan. I think for starting out using a hosting plan would be your best option.

If you’re new to hosting, then I agree with @Rubble that you would be better to start with shared hosting, where the server management is done for you.

You might find this SitePoint guide to choosing a hosting company helpful in deciding what you require.

Why not to go with Reseller Hosting? As that is offered with FREE WHM panel to manage separate cPanel accounts where you could host your domains, and this is much better in regards of security than just to host domains under the single cPanel account.

Yes a better way would be go for reseller web hosting and as you lean how to use the web hosting control panel tools and understand your website requirement an upgrade to higher package like VPS or dedicated server is possible anytime. Would suggest to look for managed web hosting provider that can help you with things you dont know.

The OP has not returned since starting this topic over two months ago, so it seems pointless to continue offering advice.

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