Will you upgrade your PC to Windows 8?

Is it worth it?

Part of me really wants to deep down… but I just bought a new pc with windows 7 and it’s so hard to justify giving more of my money to microsoft. I’m planning on waiting a while at the very least. I honestly don’t think it’ll be too much better than 7.

I won’t. W7 works fine for me. If and when I’ll buy a new computer, I’m sure it’ll have the newest Windows version installed. Until then, I’ll do without.

I agree with you. I have used both. My opinion is Windows 7 is good as compare to Windows 8. It is easy to use.

I’ll probably wait until Service Pack 1 is released. I’m happy with 7 for now. I’m curious if the metro interface will increase productivity in day-to-day use…

i like xp

Why not?) I’m quite curious about win8 so will definately try it out.

For someone like myself who doesn’t have a touch-screen monitor or a smart phone I can’t see any point in migrating to win8. Once all the local shops have migrated over all their demonstration computers to win8 I might give it a go on one of the demonstration computers but in anycase I won’t even consider it until they release SP1 of it.

I will try it if it is suitable to my pc requirement and works well then I will use for longer time

Same for me; although I am interested!

Windows 8 looks absolutely stupid. Not just the appearance, everything about it is stupid. Millions of people use desktop computers for work every day and they don’t want to pretend they are using an iPad or iPhone or whatever. They just want to do their work.

I downloaded Visual Studio Express a couple of weeks ago and found out that you have to be running Win 7 or higher to use it. I’m on Vista. If I get a new computer and have a choice of operating systems, I can go with Win 7 which will be outdated or that piece of crap Windows 8, which is nothing more than a desktop OS pretending to be a tablet or smartphone. What a choice to make.

Or, I could do what I’ve wanted to do for years and take a good look at a Linux distribution. Then I will have to spend all that time learning how to use that. :frowning:

All I know is the more I read about Windows 8 the more I dislike it. :nono:

I agree with cheesedude. I want my PC to be a PC, not a tablet.
Also, the idea of Microsoft slowly but surely having more of a say about what I can and cannot install on my machine (i.e. via the Windows Store) is a slippery slope indeed.
Saying that, my work will pay for a copy of Win8, so I probably will check it out.

I think Windows 7 is best for me. When I ensure Windows 8 better then windows 7 then I will try to use it.

I upgraded from 7 to 8 the day it came out and I absolutely love it. It’s just 7 with a pretty cover. Nothing really different besides the store/apps and the corner migrations between screens.

I’m a multi-tasker whilst on the computer and it’s perfect. Snap an app to the left or right while working on the desktop using the Windows 7 regular snap and it’s perfect! Three screens at once in an orderly space! Plus, It was compatible with all my previous software. I’ve found nothing really wrong or bad about it with.

Though, the only problem I have is finding an ease of navigation to My Computer. It’s just an extra step of moving from the Documents icon pinned to the task bar and scrolling down in it - not that big of a deal.

Together, I do not regret the decision of upgrading. It’s wonderful!

Please report back about your impressions of Windows 8. The stuff I have read on blogs are in one of two camps:

  1. Tech geeks who love Windows 8 just because they love anything new;
  2. People who earn a living on a computer upset about how radically different and unintuitive the Windows 8 GUI is.

I get kind of sick of reading tech geeks fawning over everything just because it is the latest thing. Those are the kind of people for whom the latest hit song is their all-time favorite song for a couple months then they never listen to it any more. I’m more in the second camp myself. I don’t like something just because it is new. Windows XP was a great OS. I thought the iPod was stupid when it first came out. A glorified, over-priced MP3 player.

I read what one guy said about how it took him a little while to figure out how to log in using Win8. Turns out he had to make an upward swiping motion with the mouse. If that is what Windows 8 is, I’m going to hate it. So will millions of other people. It sounds so juvenile. That tiled desktop is hideous.

But with the way Microsoft stops making their software work with older OS versions, such as how Visual Studio Express isn’t supported on Vista, I would be disadvantaging myself if I get a computer with an older OS like Win7. Because if Windows 8 bombs, they will be out with Windows 9 in a couple years and Visual Studio Express might not work on Win7. Planned obsolescence.

Will do. It’s just a matter of me telling work what to order and I should have it within a week.
Once I have it up and running I’ll either see if this thread is still active or PM you.
It seems our opinions on this matter are quite similar.

I’ve always seen Windows 8 as a mobile-oriented operating system.

I think it’s perfect for things like the Ultrabooks or the new Windows Surface tablet, but for a desktop, I’m not buying it.

So, no. Also, Windows 7 works great and there’s no software-based need (i.e. you can’t use Photoshop unless you have Windows 8, or Microsoft is dropping Office support for Windows 7), so it’s not necessary. And Windows support isn’t running out any time soon.

I won’t, W7 still good for me

i won’t too… windows 7 is already good for me too but I’m planning to replace it on XP :).

Heck no. I only just upgraded from XP to Windows 7 on my personal workstations a few months ago.

Windows 8 doesn’t really bring much new to the table other than a redesigned interface.