Windows 7 Questions

OK, so the wife’s PC was 7 years old, still running OK for what it was, but was getting slow it seemed and I wanted to upgrade to a new system before hers died.

Anyway, so we have this new computer running Windows 7 Professional 64bit and so far so good, but I know I’m going to have questions, so I thought I’d start a thred on the subject of “Windows 7 Questions”

First up…how can I change the Drive letter of the second drive I just installed? It shows up as Drive I, but I’d like for it to be Drive E.

I’m using Acronis Disk Director, and in that program it has a place to change the drive letter…but it gives no E option…anybody know whassup with this?

Does it have anything to do with where I plugged the cable in on the mobo?
(the CD-Rom drive is D which is what most are that I’ve seen)

And…where in the heck can I take this thing out of hibernate mode?
(I’m used to XP, and while this is similar…there’s a few things I can’t seem to find)

Anybody know where to find “Disk Management” in Windows 7…?

WIN key > type “Computer Management” enter > Storage > Disk Management.
Or right-click on “Computer” (right side of the start menu) > Manage

Hmmm…that’s a good question. It came with one of those card readers that reads the little memory cards for cameras, and it has a red light that’s on all the time.

I’ll bet that is it, because that would explain why E,F,G, and H aren’t available.

Should I un-lug the thing internally and then re-boot to see if my second drive will become E drive, or at least maybe then I’d have the option of making it E drive?

But, when I tried that…E,F,G, and H were not options and didn’t even show up

Well, I un-plugged the memory card reader…and Windows wouldn’t start, so I hit F10 to boot menu and selected the second drive and it did boot up.

I guess the first drive is drive zero (the second drive I just installed), and the second drive is drive one where Windows is located…not sure

Windows went through some testing thing saying it was looking for problems, then said it could not fix whatever it was…and turn the computer off after saying I should un-plug any device I may have just connected.

So, I un-plugged the second drive I install, and now it boots up perfectly!

Maybe I have the second drive plugged into the mobo in the wrong place?

Nah you can remove drive letters, in Disk Management you right-click on the drive in the top pane and select “Change Drive Letter…”

Do you have another drive that is using E? Like a CD drive or memory card reader? You will have to free up E before you can use it. I have no experience using Acronis Disk Director but I regularly use:

WIN key > type “Computer Management” enter > Storage > Disk Management.