Adding another HDD question

When adding another hard drive to a computer that came with just one…
Is there anything special you gotta do? I always thought it was plu-n-play
as long as the drive has been formatted and is ready to go.

Got a new PC for my wife, and when I installed a new, freshly formatted,
hard drive and booted back up…it won’t boot at all…it simply has a black
screen with a little cursor flashing in the upper left side of the screen.

So I shut it down, un-plugged that second drive I just installed, and now
the computer boots right up and runs great.

Anything special I need to be doing to get this setup? The manufacturer says
the MOBO is setup to be able to have a total of 3 drives.

Now…to tell the whole story (in case this makes some difference) I did un-plug
the memory card reader that came with the computer because I wanted
the second drive to be the E Drive, and I want to add yet another drive
and have it be the F Drive.

Any suggestions would be appreciated…

The “disk management” feature in the “computer management” tool in “administrative tools” in the control panel lets you change drive letters without needing to play musical chairs with the drives.

The issu is sorted. I’m closing the thread :smiley:

Using SATA drives so jumpers are no issue

Anyway, I think I’ve got it figured out…Thanx!

What are the hard drives jumpers (both the new and old hard drives) set to?