Will my PC's IP will change after replacing motherboard?

I recently replaced my motherboard and wondering if my PC IP has changed?


I assume the motherboard had an embedded Network Interface Card (NIC) the unique MAC Address will have changed (ROM Chip). Albeit the IP usually is determined by software settings rather than hardware.

If you are on a network (work or home), you will have an IP assigned by your local router.

If you are wanting to know what the internet sees as your IP, that is determined by your ISP. Some will assign a static IP and others have a dynamic assignment. At home, I have a dynamic IP, that remains mine until I power off my cable modem. When I restore power to my cable modem, it will be assigned an IP by my ISP.

All this to say, it takes more information to answer your question.

Okay, the reason why I am asking is because I am wondering why my IP is still recognized by a particular forum though I have a dynamic IP address…

I was banned in a boxing forum where I’ve been a member for more than 7 years and I was trying to re-register due to a very important reason. The forum says my IP was banned but I know I have a dynamic IP address… I even listed my daily IPs for a week and yes, they are changing daily… I don’t understand why anydays, that forum still recognizes my IP… Changing of motherboard is just a coincidence when one of my RAM slots got short circuit and eventually burned last couple of days…

Personally, I’d drive to a starbucks/library/friend’s house or use my mobile phone . . .

I assume that you have any version of Windows.

Most likely yes, you’re IP will change almost every single time that you open your computer and move your hardware around. Even if you simply open your tower, remove your network card and re-install it in the same slot, Windows will say that new hardware has found and that needs to be installed. Of course, it will find the drivers because they were installed previously.

Even more true if you change your motherboard.

After that, your DNS host will assign you a new IP to connect to the network, and more often than not, it will be different.

If you remember your old ip, you can check your new ip address by going to the command window (start > Execute> cmd) and writing ipconfig /all and hitting enter.

It will give you all your networking configuration: current ip address, subnetwork mask, DNS servers, etc.

But that’s in your local network, though.

If you’re talking about your public IP address (which I suspect you do) and you never turned off your router or cable-modem, you should have the same… although from time to time, ISP providers renew public IP addresses for all their customers and change them.

i assume you reformatted when you switched mobo, so it can’t be stored cookies, and if you unplug/power off your modem and force it to change ip and it still doesn’t work - well, then they’ve banned your ip range. like ex: 123.123.123.xxx or 123.123.xxx.xxx or something similar.

you can use a proxy or an anonymous web surfing service like ex: the-cloak or something similar…

On Windows PCs at least you will be able to specify your own values for IP address, subnet mask and gateway and on your router you will probably have an option to dynamically assign IP addresses to the computers connected to it or you could specify a list of IP addresses which the router will accept. From the router onwards all computers on the same router will have the same IP address, and like has been said it will vary between ISPs as to how often they issue you with a new IP address.

It is possible that the forum concerned might have banned a range of IP address if they had trouble from that range of IP addresses. Have you tried emailing the mods and/or admins for the forum concerned to find out why you was banned?

I would assume you know the difference between your local IP and your Internet IP, but you originally asked “I recently replaced my motherboard and wondering if my PC IP has changed?”, so, obviously not.

Unless you’re rebooting your modem everyday, no, you’re probably not getting a new IP every day (though it is possible that your provider is changing it daily…so many possibilities here).

One thing for sure: your motherboard has absolutely nothing to do with your address on the internet.

Beyond that, I’d guess a possible cookie, but, given that you could easily delete it, probably not.

Try a proxy server, if that doesn’t work, it’s something on your computer.

i think your ip depends upon your router (the service provider) if you change that then your ip will be changed…i’m not an expert but i’m speaking through my experience :slight_smile:

This is I think the best answer to my question… thanks for all comments though…

Honestly I am Verizon dsl tech support but I am here in Philippines and having a totally different set-up from Verizon… I have a dynamic IP but the range is still the same… only the last 4 to 5 digits changes from time to time…

That’s the way it normally is.

All the answers are valid. You’re local network IP address is likely to change when you switch your motherboard but the public IP depends on your provider and there’s little that you can do about it.

The only one that can tell if the IP address has changed or not is yourself (that is, if you knew your previous IP which it seems that you did since you’re aware that the last 4 to digits change).

If while your IP address was changed, the IP was banned in a particular forum, that’s another subject. There may be a whole ranged banned although this is a quite drastic decision but yet, it is possible.

Using an anonymous proxy service (you can find thousands on the internet) may help but not necesarily. Some companies do block these types of services. I don’t know how many forums do this though.

I do hope that you get what you need though. I’m not even want to know why you were banned :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not even want to know why you were banned
its all about boxing thing but yeah, I figured it out… thanks :slight_smile: