Will a free ad network that pays you 100% ad revenues interest you?

A survey for bloggers & site owners:

What do you think about having an ad network that serves ads for your site and pays you all of the ad revenues?

And it’s free.

Will that interest you?

I plan to start this project and I wonder if this is something that bloggers/websites will use.
Basically, I have a few websites and I am using Adsense and some other ad networks. I was thinking if I build a complete ad network for my sites, I can earn 100% of ad revenues.

Do you think others might think the same as I do?

You’ll need to explain your idea a bit more clearly. What exactly are you offering? Waht do you mean by “build a complete ad network for my sites”?


Well Mike, my Adsense earnings are paltry and I was thinking of selling ads directly to advertisers. But, there is no free system that can help me track all my ad sales, reporting, payment reminders, real-time bidding for my ad inventory, options for CPM, CPC, etc. And also an ad creation tool for advertisers to use.

I was thinking, if I have such a system, I can earn 100% of ad revenues, instead of sharing it with ad networks. So, I plan to build this and let other publishers use it for free… just like those open-source CMS like wordpress, drupal, etc.

Do you think bloggers/long-tail publishers will use it?

OK, I get it now. Thanks.

So, would I use such a system? To be honest, I don’t think so. The main reason would be that, however hard you work, you would never be able to match AdSense (or the other big networks) in terms of the range and volume of ads available. Remember, the success of on-screen advertising depends on being able to display ads that are relevant to the content. The more ads in the inventory, the more likely that will be. For your idea to work, you would have to sign up enough advertisers, not just to provide ads that are relevant to your pages, but to do so for all your clients as well.

The fact that you are offering your clients 100 percent of revenues is not, in my opinion, a selling point. The percentage of revenue is immaterial. What matters is the total amount that I can earn. I would need to be convinced that 100 percent of your network would be worth more than x% of AdSense’s.

But this is just my opinion. You might well find many other people willing to give a try. I wouldn’t want to discourage the idea. I’m only saying that I personally wouldn’t be attracted to it.


Sounds great i know a few people that have been looking for this and i will point them in this direction to show there support :slight_smile:

Thanks Mike!

It is really a point to consider. I get such feedback too and this might be the brutal truth and might even save me much time and heartaches. In fact, if I find that I don’t earn as much as my current ad networks, then 100% of it is also useless.

Thanks again!

Thanks! The gesture is truly appreciated :). I am still figuring out if it is a go or no go and getting more feedback for this. What Mike mentioned is really something to consider and I already have a few similar feedback. Well, will get more ideas first…


I would be interested. But how will you be able to keep such a service running without getting a cut of the profits?

Well, it will be on a subscription basis to use our Ad creation tool, which is a separate module. We will be giving away the ad network & ad inventory management portion to drive users to the tool… :slight_smile:

And just how are you going to get hold of advertiser to use your platform? What do you have to offer them that the current major players don’t have? (Aka., a user base) Without advertisers your service would be pointless in all regards. So you better solve that issue before you move on.