Why won't my blog show up in Google?

I created a blog for my website on July 3rd, and since creation I have had no visitors to the blog. I understand that this was recent, but I resubmitted my site map to google to include my blog and yet it still isnt showing up on google. I have written 1 article about the UFC, and I copied a direct quote from it and pasted it into google and put it in quotes and it came up with no hits.

I used wordpress to create the blog. I know nothing about blogging and i was hoping it would just show up in google like my website did. What am i doing wrong? Is it because it isn’t an html page? Cause the address is http://www.madpandastore.com/blog/ where as most of my other pages end in .html this just ends in a slash…is that the problem? Someone please help a newbie im lost here. Thank you for your help

And put a link in your sitepoint profile!


I thank it is not because of ending by html, you should be need some patienty. And fequently update.

Social bookmarking is submitting your articles to sites like Digg and stumble upon, though self-bookmarking is generally frowned upon.

As I said, you can do an awful lot more with Wordpress, and that includes adding social bookmarking buttons to it, such as http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/sexybookmarks/

Just added it, thank you for the advice!

How and what is “socially bookmarking” articles? I am really sorry lol that is probably a really noobish question. Thank you for your advice and I look forward to your response! :slight_smile:

write more articles…socially bookmark them, write and publish a free press release (prlog.org), and finally set up google webmaster tools on your blog and submit the XML sitemap that way.

This will surely do it my friend.

First off, welcome to Sitepoint!

Second, be patient, it takes time for your blog to be listed and It has nothing to do with it being wordpress as compared to your main site, which is in html.

also, submitting to Google isn’t nearly enough, you need to start getting the word out, do some link building activities (don’t spam other blogs and forums), carefully select the places to target for your link building activities. The first thing you should’ve done is to link from your actual site to your blog (you have one, but that’s hardly to be seen). Even include a list of most recent articles in a block on the left-hand side.

There’s an awful lot more you can do with Wordpress, starting with proper URL/permalink structure instead of ?p=1, and blogging in general - and a few things you can do on your main site - but unfortunately I don’t have the time right now to go into much details.

Thank you for the welcome and for the advice. I will take your suggestions and add more links to the blog within my site and try to find ways to promote the blog. I appreciate everything you just told me there was a lot of info in there that I didn’t know. Any other advice you can offer on the website or blog is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for your help and time!

Submit your article to Digg, reditt and propeller. This will help you in indexing sites within 24 hours. This worked for me.

Optimize your site to search engines and users. This whole process is called SEO. Take some time to study on that subject. You can find ample of sources available on net to find great information on that which can help you build greater visibility and brand to your website and the newly build blog page. All the best!

I was looking to increase traffic to my blog and I searched for tips on SEO. I don’t think I had much luck optimizing the blog although the articles on my blog starting showing up on Google search. I really liked the tip about submitting articles to Digg and Reditt. I think I might try that next. Thanks for the tips.