Why no Java forum

This is sitepoint, the best forum on the net and I can’t find a java forum.

There must be a few Java gurus in here. Sure Java is going to be more and more in demand with android running on it.

I’m an old man, I don’t want to find/join a new community (forum). Just by myself I could ask enough questions to justify a Java forum.

Thanks and hope you all are having a great day, even without a Java forum !

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Over the years the forum has tried various category hierarchies. eg. As a separate category on it’s own, combined with something else as a “mixed” category.

Currently the way “less common” topics are dealt with is not to have many “relatively quiet” categories but, to use Java as an example, for members to start a topic in General Web Dev or Mobile eg., and add the tag to the topic.

If a tag gains “critical mass” there is a chance, at the Admins discretion, of it getting its own category. And of course having “Java” in the title helps too :thumbsup:

Can’t see how that will work. Its going to be hard to build a Java community when there isn’t a Java forum.

Guess I had better get on with asking questions then. And don’t forget it was Python just a few months ago so Java is all new to me.

Thanks for the reply

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