No longer Java-JSP forum?

why can I no longer find a Java-JSP forum here?

thank you…

[font=verdana]Good question!

We do have a Javascript & jQuery section under ‘Program your site’. If you actually want Java rather than Javascript then your best bet is the [url=]General Web Development & Application Design Issues section.[/font]

thank you for your response, but it seems (!!) that you’re confusing Java and Javascript…

what I asked about is the Java-JSP forum (not Javascript… they are two completely separate entities (for one Java/JSP for back-end; Javascript is client-side, i.e., runs on the browser, not the server (with a few rare exceptions…:wink: I still have email notifications from that Sitepoint Java-JSP forum, here’s an example link from a notif. email:

you can clearly see the forum name here, (“java-jsp”)

this is from an email notification dated 6/1/11…

what happened to this forum???

you have fora for PHP, .NET, and traditional .asp, which are all back-end systems, as is Java-JSP (also referred to as J2EE…) why did you remove the Java-JSP forum???
(and if you still confuse Java & Javascript please have a developer explain the difference to you… :wink:

thank you for your response…

The forums were reorganized near the beginning of the year.

The ones with little activity were pruned, and a few areas with a lot of activity were given their own sections.

Given that Java is no longer its own section, starting a thread in the General Development forum is probably your best bet.

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