Why my website Alexa Rank Global and Local Rank drops daily despite increasing daily traffic

My website Alexa Ranking Global & Local decreasing day by day, Although Traffic is increasing daily. Can any one tell the right reason for this?

Hi @ebikepak I’m no expert in this but it could be that they are not following some of Google’s guidelines and therefore they get penalised.

Our Google search engine searches increase daily. we are following Google policies

What’s the problem? :confused:

You need to remember that Alexa is not a search engine, nor is it linked to the major search engines. They just provide estimated statistics about how they think a site will perform in search.

So at the end of the day what really matters to you, some numbers provided by an unrelated third party, or how well your site actually performs and achieves its goals in real life?

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How many sites is Alexa comparing to?

For example, ten out of a hundred changing to a hundred out of ten thousand is an increase 10 :arrow_up: 100, but is a decrease 10% :arrow_down: 1%

Remember, the web is growing exponentially.

Just out of curiosity: why is Alexa is important to you ? In my side of the world what we’re worried about is about Google organic search.

It is not compulsory that Alexa always show the true stats. There are sometimes when it fetch the results later

Alexa is not even a good metric. As you said your searches are increasing and you are not violating any rules. These 2 factors are much more important.

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