Why is my Google search ranking not improving?

Why my site not come up it remain constant on 2nd page of Google what the reason

this is my Keyword Pakistani TV Dramas Online

There is no guarantee that your site will ever reach the first results page. Where it appears depends on many factors, including - but not confined to - the quality of your content, the number and quality of your competitors and the location and/or search history of the searcher.

A Google search for your keywords shows “About 800,000 results”, so I’d say reaching page 2 is pretty good going.

thanks sir
i worry about it because my boss always say why it not up i get more traffic from social site but it not up. again thanks

Increased traffic won’t help your ranking. (How would search engines know how much traffic your site gets? At best, they only know about the traffic which comes via their own pages.)

thanks sir

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