Why doesn't MySQL change?


I would like to direct this question to those who have a lot of experience with MySQL and SQL in general. PHP created MySQLi (as far as I know) to improve MySQL and normal mysql functions is deprecated and will be removed. MySQL is very commonly used with PHP. Maybe the majority of its usage comes from PHP applications. So, why didn’t MySQL developers improve their language so that we wouldn’t need a mysqli extension? I mean change the way mysql functions work.

Thanks for your opinions.

MySQL does change. Just like other applications, new versions get released from time to time.

The people behind MySQL aren’t responsible for how PHP or any other language goes about using it.

mysqli__ (the i stands for improved) has since been improved upon and in fact you should probably look at using PHP’s PDO instead.

Though mysql__ is likely to go away some time soon, I don’t see that happening to mysqli__ yet.
But using PDO would let you use databases other than MySQL if you don’t like it.

Sorry, I guess I asked the right question in a wrong way. Your point makes sense of course. I was actually wondering why PHP is replacing mysql_ functions with mysqli_ functions. I figured now it has nothing to do with MySQL itself. Why does PHP not change how mysql_ functions work but replace them with mysqli_? That was what I should have asked. Is that more like a technical impossibility or a preference?