MySql is depreciated, so what language should I use instead?

While I was researching different methods of MySql, I found that MySql is depreciated and will not be used in html5.5. It’s a good thing that I caught this fact early in building my website, but what other choices should I stick with? I found online that MySqli and PDO seem to be what come next.

Are you certain you didn’t read something into it?

I know the PHP mysql_ functions have been DEPRECATED for ages and are gone with ver. 7

But AFAIK it has nothing to do with the MySQL database or HTML5

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mysql_* mysqli_* and PDO are all “libraries” of functions for interacting with MySQL databases. It’s the mysql_* library (extension) which is being removed from PHP version 7 onwards. MySQL servers will still be around. PDO is the best one to go with as it’s “server independent”, apart from any SQL syntax or functions that you might use that are specific to a ceratin database server type

Thanks for the explanation guys, I will go with PDO now.


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