Why can't anyone find me on Facebook?

I changed my privacy settings to “everyone” and still cannot be found by people. Help!

Is your account in your real name? If so, can people not find you under your real name?


Do you mean people can’t find you in Facebook search? Google Search? Perhaps you made a mistake with your privacy settings or maybe your account is too new? Most of the time when this happens it is because an account is protected via privacy settings.



To be found, you need to find out few friends as your network grows you ll be easily found and will be visible to everyone.


I think you should recheck your privacy settings on Facebook, You have to make sure anyone can search you via email or your name.
Hope it helps!

Shawn, yes I mean Google and other searches as well as Facebook. I have checked my privacy settings and they seem to be ok. My account is not new either. I will play around some more with the settings and see if I get anywhere. Thanks for your answer.

Yes, account is my real name.

I think your question begs another question: What have you done so far to be found?

I doubt that you might have done some changes in privacy settings, if not then increase your friends list and make more unique and interseting posts. So that more users can find you.

If it’s not a privacy issue, then… if you aren’t 18 yet, it’s probably one of their options in order to keep your details safe.

I think you should check your settings on Facebook or if you create your account recently then you can add your friends from your side like you can send request to your friend. After Using long times you can get more knowledge about Facebook.

Check your Accounts Settings may be you put “noone instead of everyone” by mistake. When you will change then peoples can easily find on facebook.


Could be there are duplicated names !! or e-mails …
Or you selected the wrong location of your city !!!

Facebook these days depending on geographical factors to help people find other friends …

I hope that I helped you,

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Re-check your personal setting again…

Keep posting unique photos and thoughts and keep sending friend requests. People will soon find you.

The search can be very specific in FB. Did you add any special characters to your name, either before or after? Did you update your profile information, such as the city you live in as well? Sometimes, there are small things that can prevent people from finding you that can be fixed.

There must be a problem with your settings .See your private settings and check wether you are viisible to everyone or not.