Facebook Security

Hello Everyone,Are you satisfied with Facebook security systems?Your privacy is secure in Facebook?Share own views .

I don’t trust Facebook at all, don’t put anything on there you wouldn’t be happy to be on Google, and you shouldn’t go too far wrong!

Facebook security is a huge issue for alot of people. The problem is the default settings are hardly private. So, that means you have to go into your account settings manually and switch settings to make it more private. Alot of people don’t know this.

Good rule but you’re not taking it far enough… This isn’t [just] about Facebook or Twitter or Google+ settings, it’s about realizing that once the photo is taken and posted, it’s off into hundreds of hands and charts it’s own future. We live in a digital world and what you put out there for some you should assume may very well be seen by all. Thus if you don’t want it to be viewed, don’t post it… or better yet, don’t do it.

As far as Facebook, they’ve been widely critiqued for privacy issues but the settings are in your control and heck, these days they even warn you about how public things are with low, medium and high levels… so take the time and change your options.

I totally agree! there is no security in facebook…as a matter of fact, there are terrible cases happened because of that…and users or members should be careful too upon putting anything in their account.

What do you mean there is no security? Are you referring to privacy? And if so, have you seen the privacy options page and privacy alerts in place?

I’m using SSL and I think is defended

A simple copy+paste would suffice to make a photo last, even if you take down the photo after uploading it. Anyone with a copy of that photo could simply repost it.

Anyway, admins should notify users of any security changes. Facebook keeps on changing, which makes it more difficult to keep pace with the privacy settings.

Hi, I am not satisfy with the facebook security…

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