Why aren't there any servers courses?

That’s the question. In learnable or sitepoint.

It’s very good you teach how to code an awesome website, but how people know how to dispense a server with apache, ngix, mysql or mongo and so?

There are, it’s just that it’s easy to have hands on, in-browser testing with front-end technologies. For backend stuff, check out Koding and Koding University. They have several full stacks for you to try out with accompanying guides (though they’re fairly new, so I don’t know how deep their material goes).

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You can usually find tutorials on any of those subjects when you need them. At the basic level, there isn’t much there. When you get to the advanced level, such as load balancing or DNS routing, you probably need someone with a lot more skill and knowledge than just a few web tutorials. :smiley: Security and other things become incredibly important.

If you Google right, Digital Ocean usually will be at the top of your list and they have some pretty great tutorials.

ie: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-linux-nginx-mysql-php-lemp-stack-on-ubuntu-14-04

Could you post a link to a server administration course from sitepoint/learnable? Thanks

I’m not asking where to find server courses, nor tutorials.

I think that answer has no sense. You redirect to me to google to find tutorials on how to admin a server. Why are there courses of <<starting with php>>? Aren’t there any good tutorials on the internet about programming?

What I ask is: “Why aren’t there any servers courses?” It should be! If you teach me how to code a web in PHP, it should be a course on the topic on how to upload on a server…

For me, it has no sense haha. There are marketing and seo courses and books too. It’s like you teach me how to develop a website, and how to promote it, but you don’t teach me how to prepare a server for it!

Let me call in @ericawass – she’ll be able to give you a more definitive answer than I can.

Hi there: Thanks so much for asking! Some of our courses include the setups within the larger framework but we will be doing a lot more with back-end development in the new year so I’d expect some good screencasts and courses delving into setting up and configuration.

We have also set up a page for requests just like this and I encourage you to add this and vote on other entries that interest you. https://learnable.com/upvote

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If you are building a standard PHP website, you don’t necessarily have to do anything with your server except upload the files. That’s just the click of a button, so you don’t really need a course for that. A web designer normally doesn’t need to mess with the server at all, which is quite a different skill.

With a standard web hosting account, the server is all set up for you. You can get hosting accounts that you manage yourself, but you don’t need to.

What do you actually need to do?

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You talking about a hosting. I’m talking about setting up my own server. Reasons? I have full control of PHP versions to use, I can host your mail server, hostings limit projects databases… and tons of more reasons.

No, I don’t need them right now haha. I just asked why there aren’t any courses for this, if this is very necesary. Whatever I’m developing my own website or working for others (enterprises ask you about server management).

Thank you so much!! :smile:

I’m going to do what you said.

Not disagreeing with you here, but you can get all of that with a managed VPS and still not have to know much about servers.

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I can pay a freelancer to develop my site, and still not have to know much about programming, too.


Not really the same thing. Have you looked at services like Digital Ocean, Heroku, or Google App Engine? These are all PaaS services. Digital Ocean is more like a managed server than a PaaS though.

Yes… I know them, as pagodabox, phpfrog(dead). And I rent servers without webmin/cpanel and managed to set up Apache, MySQL and mail server.

But that’s not an answer for the question!!

I want to know how to develop and market my site/app/whatever. sitepoint/learnable provides it. And it’s awesome.

But I wan to know how to manage my own server too, is that so silly?

Of course there are some great PaaS services out there, but any developer should know at least, how to restart an Apache, how to do a MySQL backup and so. Or am I wrong?

It’s handy to know all that, but do you really need to? You can be a successful web design business offering hosting via a managed VPS and not need to know that stuff—although with something like CPanel/WHM you can easily learn to do a lot of that stuff just by reading their docs, consulting forums etc.

I agree, a server management course would be good, for those into that stuff. But the difficult thing would be to decide what the course would focus on, as there are so many different ways to go about this / systems to use etc. It would really require a whole bunch of courses.

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You don’t want to understand me, and the big problem is: You think programming skills > server administration.

Yeah, develop a website is hard. But scaling that website into more than one server is something really hard.

I can argue with you for hours, but I really don’t want ):

Server administration knowledge is a MUST.

Right, well I think this thread has run its course (see what I did there).
Hopefully you have the answers that you need.


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