Good book on setting up LAMP


Sitepoint has one (Run Your Own Web Server Using Linux & Apache), but it’s not hardcopy and fairly outdated (2005).
Does anyone know a good book about what it takes to set up your own server and how to manage it and how to solve problems, the last one is very important.

Any tips?

Linux based or Windows based?

Linux based, aren’t there any good books on setting up servers and manage webhosting?

Forums for admins will help you much better then any related book.

I just need a good solid introduction, I don’t want to become an expert, I just want to know several things as a beginner.

It is up to you. It was only my opinion/suggestion
Good luck

i have read that book and agree i was not able to get i was expecting after i had read that book…:slight_smile: and contents were not as bright as title of the book…
i have seen some videos for server management but not so many books

I do not know, but I think that worth to do the search for the such book on amazon.
If such books are being sold you will be able to review them.