Learning more about servers - from a beginner's standpoint!

Well I am just getting the grasp of website best practices for static websites and am currently studying the Html5 boilerplate. It is really great and apart from many other things, contains some server configurations. I am very interested to learn more about servers and how they actually work. :smile:

I am a student on computer sciences and I was wandering what should I do to know more about them. If I needed to know about the OS model(I am just a year into cse and this course is a long way down :frowning: ). Or should I forget about it and concentrate on learning other things related to web development?

To sum up! I just feel like I control the knobs and handles when I implement something I learned from a tutorial. But I want to learn more on them! Guidance is what I need! :sunny:

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I’d talk it over with your Advisor. The course may very well use some fundamentals you are supposed to learn in a previous course as a base for its foundation. There is a lot of different things that could be discussed in a server related course. CPU Schedulers, the task each component plays, memory allocation, etc. Some of those may require some low level programming knowledge, others, do not.

So it seems that I need to pass at least 3 years in college to know how servers work?

Again, I really can’t answer that as I don’t know what prerequisites the institution has in place. However, you may need to have a good understanding of C or C++ before they want you to take that course (no idea).

I’d really talk to your advisor to see if you can take it sooner than later or what you can do to be able to take it earlier on.

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