Whois Guard Protection worth it?

Just curious. I use them cause I get them free when I purchase a domain from NameCheap, but didn’t know if it’s worth my time to renew them when the time came?

Yea man, a lot of sickos out there. Is it for a company or personal?

Thanks for the reply. It would just be for all my personal projects.

I use NameCheap - I never paid for them before they were free, but with them being free at the moment I use them. Pretty good option to have.

For free? Crap, I have to pay. I think its a good option to have, use it!!

Yeah, it’s free for the first year when you purchase a domain. Which since it is free, I’m using it now, but I just didn’t know if it was worth renewing after the year is up, cause after the year, it’s 2.88 per year and not free anymore.

Ulchie, you can get them for free at GD if you register at least 3 domains via bulk register, which I usually do. I know that moniker charges a dollar for the privacy option, not sure if they changed it though. Still, a nice option if it’s that important.

Deronsizemore, the reality is that you might have domain transfer request mailed to you via snail mail or - if you have a fax number added to your whois info - have faxes sent to you for a few of the domains you might have by scummy spammer registrars. They can get annoying. We get them here at our office a lot. With whois privacy, you could possibly eliminate that.

Cool, thanks for the info. Guess it’s worth the 2.88!