Domain privacy paid?

Is domain privacy facility is paid now a days ? I have a domain that is going to expired in next 15 days. When tried to renew it the host is giving me amount to be paid about $14 which includes $10 for domain renew and $4 to enable domain privacy for my domain.

Please Advice.


Some registrars charge a fee for domain privacy, while some others do not. For example, ResellerClub (Directi) offers free whois protection with all orders.

It varies by registrar. Some offer only paid private-WHOIS, some are free only for the first year - not on renewals. Others like and offer free private-WHOIS on new, transfered, and renewed domains.

If your current registrar is charging extra for privacy then you have three options.

  1. Renew the domain and pay the extra for the privacy
  2. Renew the domain and don’t bother with the privacy
  3. Find a different registrar who includes privacy in the cost of their domains.

The thing to not do is to renew the domain and then try to get privacy through a different provider. Getting the privacy from anyone other than the registrar you got the domain from and you risk losing the domain if the registrar can’t contact you.

I think $4 is reasonable price, however if you could have registered with namecheap, the whois privacy is free.

I would also point out that domain privacy is a risky business, by allowing a registrar to become the primary owner of a website (using their details in the WHOIS contact details) you set yourself up so that they can effectively lock your domain into their service and refuse to allow you to transfer it. ICANN have stated several times that the registrant information (which should be your own) are considered by them the legal owner of that domain, using domain privacy tools provided by the registrar removes you as the legal owner for that registration period and effectively gives the registrar complete control over your domain name. :slight_smile:

Technographs, as far as I know you’ve always had to pay for domain privacy. I’ve seen costs range anywhere between US$9 and US$25, but can depend on what it is “packaged” with. It was probably included in whatever offer you originally signed up for, but is a separate cost from renewing your hosting or domain.

Also, some registrars limit domain privacy to one year, and you must renew it every year even if you already own a domain for the next ten years.

Has anyone ever had a problem with a registrar taking control of their site? I certainly hope not. Besides, it seems highly unlikely if you go with a well known registrar. On the other hand, the registration info is the same info that you would want to keep private in any other circumstances (say Facebook) so I guess you’d have to weigh the risks in both cases.

I don’t think that there is anything that would stop a registrar from being able to update the details on all the domains they registered to contain their details if they really wanted to since they have more access to the domain setup than the domain owners do. If you can’t trust them with domain privacy then you shouldn’t be registering the domain with them in the first place.

A registrar who wanted to steal your domain registered with them could update the WHOIS contact details to be whatever info they wanted whether they offer privacy or not.

Actually I know of a number of people who had their domains hijacked by well known registrars because of domain privacy settings. When they took their case to ICANN for appeal stating they wanted to transfer their domain away from them ICANN told them that as the registrar was the registrant that made them the legal owner and therefore there was nothing that could be done. And the registrar whom I know of having done this at least 5 times (to people I know or client’s I’ve worked with)… Network solutions. So don’t think that a major registrar would be free of acting poorly in their clients interest. I also know for a fact they have (in the past had) other bad practices like registering not registered WHOIS’d domains on their servers after 48 hours and then forcing the individual to “bid” for the domain rights at a heavily spiked price. Just thought I would mention it as a warning because I know this kind of stuff does go on, and it’s not just with small name registrars either.

^ Do you mean domain privacy make domain more prone to hijack? :rolleyes:

I suppose first of all you need to understand what that can be used for. If there si no need for this protection. Just skip the idea
Good luck

I think my statement spoke for itself, yes I do think it puts you at a greater risk, if you are not the registrant of the domain (due to privacy tools) then you don’t own the domain any longer, it really is as simple as that. Personally I wouldn’t like to run the risk of having a registrar seize control over my brand. :slight_smile:

Please go for another registrar with free privacy option. If someone offering free Privacy Protection without any additional charge, you should avail that. Privacy Protection is good to avoid SPAM.

Good luck.

Sorry, I don’t get it, how it put anyone at a greater risk? It’s just you’re going to put a layer on whois info without changing the ownership details which aim to protect your personal information from spammers/scammers.

Sorry but that’s not how it works, you aren’t adding a “layer” of WHOIS information which obscures your information, WHOIS records do not work that way. WHOIS privacy replaces your information with that of the registrar in order to ensure your information is kept private (it’s taking the domain out of your name and placing it in trust under theirs). And under ICANN’s domain registration rules, whomever’s details are held within the registrant of a WHOIS (which in the case of domain privacy is not your own but the registrars) is considered the owner of the domain (meaning in a debate, the registrar would ultimately win the rights to your name, not you). :slight_smile:

Namecheap whoisguard is free. Best part of whoisguard is that it will change the private email address daily…so a lot less spam

I case of suspicious activity anyone will be found. Do not worry.
But if that is paid or not really depends on the domain name registrar company you are deal with