Problem with Whois lookup on my domain

Hey people I need a bit of help…

Ok, I want renew my domain name and switch to a new registar retailer. I was looking at but I wanted to make sure all was OK with my domain before I moved it, so I go to do a WhoIS on it and I get this:

[indent]IP Address: Daily connection limit reached. Lookup refused.[/indent]  

This is not good I assume. I got this error some weeks ago and when I tried it again today via I get the same message. I tried a whois via’s lookup service and I got results back, so what does this mean?
I am on a VPS, would this have anything to do with it?

Also, I noticed while browsing thorught this forum there area many competitive companies out there with low renewal rates, which one is the best? I would like a company that hides or “masks” my contact information from my Whois.

Let me know, thanks.

Sounds like you registra is not letting other sites query its WHOIS information. Go directly to your registra and do a WHOIS there.

Also try which has been good for me doing lookups.

Tucows returned ok results… thats good.

Now which domain retailer do yuu guys reccomend. It would be pretty cool if they gave me 1 Free year ( I hear allot of companies do this when you transfer to them) @ a price around $10 then I could get 3yrs for $20 or less :slight_smile:

I use … when you transfer they give you a year on top of your current expiration date.

Other people here use or I think I simply prefer godaddy.

Try (9.99 and a ton of features).

Yeah I think I am going to go for registerfly - they are having a sale atm so i am like all over it. Thanks everyone!